$400 million road loan and food deals among Chinese goodies

The country got some financial promises from visiting Chinese officials Tuesday.  But some of the deals had been announced previously and some are loans.

Costa Rica got a $400 million line of credit with the Export Import Bank of China to rebuild Ruta 32.  This is the highway that runs north from San José and then east to Limón. The area within Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo is becoming more and more prone to slides, some of them fatal.

Costa Rican and Chinese officials also signed an agreement under which the country would get $16.3 million for the proposed Academia Nacional de Policía. That agreement has been announced months ago.

The Chinese also reaffirmed an agreement to provide more than 9,000 computers for school children and teachers. This, too, had been announced when President Laura Chinchilla visited China in August.

Casa Presidencial said that both countries continued discussions on the proposed petroleum facility in Moín. The deal hinges on feasibility studies by the Contraloría de la República and experts hired by the Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo.

Chinese officials also confirmed that they would be advancing a fund for the purchase of 5,000 solar panels for electrical generation.

In the private sector, several deals were announced.  Quality Impex Costa Rica S.A., Hangtrong Investment Corp. in China said they had concluded a deal for the purchase of $12 million in teak wood and $8 million in leather.

Cooperativa de Productores de Leche Dos Pinos R.L. said it would begin exports of milk products to China next week.

Gloria Abrams, the minister of Agricultura y Ganadería, was scheduled to travel this week to China with a group of Costa Rican agribusiness leaders to explore market possibilities under the countries’ free trade treaty.

Costa Rica also announced approval from Chinese health officials for the export of pork. That had been expected.

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