Assange marks year of asylum in Ecuadorian Embassy

Wednesday marks the one year anniversary of Julian Assange’s successful asylum bid in London to avoid extradition to Sweden to answer questions on sexual assault claims.

The 41-year-old fears Sweden will hand him over to U.S. authorities, who would try him for helping facilitate one of the largest information leaks in U.S. history.

In an off-camera interview a year after he took refuge within the walls of the Ecuadorian Embassy. Assange said he remained hopeful he would eventually leave, although he did not expect it would happen in the short term.

WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of confidential U.S. documents on the Internet in 2010.

Supporters say revealing the information was in the public interest, while critics say it jeopardized lives and national security. The court martial of Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier accused of providing reams of classified material to WikiLeaks, is underway in Maryland.

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