Break in the weak rains also will be weak this year, according to the forecast

The little summer of San Juan is supposed to be a time when the rains cease for a period of days and bring conditions resembling the dry season to the north Pacific and the Central Valley.

This year the rainy season has been weak, and much of May and June has seen conditions like the little summer, called veranillo de San Juan in Spanish.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said Friday that the veranillo also will be weak this year. The chance of the dry period lasting from June 21 to the end of the month is highly unlikely, said the weather agency.

The forecast is for a break in the rains due to atmospheric conditions of no more than five days, the agency said. And only the Pacific coast and the Central Valley are involved.

The weather period gets its name because it is supposed to begin on the day Roman Catholics celebrate the birth of John the Baptist, hence the San Juan. That’s a tradition and not a meteorological fact. But this year, by coincidence, the weather forecast calls for the break in the rains to take place starting June 21, the birthday of John the Baptist.

In years when the rain is heavy, the veranillo is anticipated by much of the public. This year, it seems, the weather will continue dry with some thunderstorms as it has been.

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