Children’s museum features a kid-size village inside

Cuerpo de Bomberos photo First visitors to the secure barrio take advantage of the fire fighting exhibit.

Firefighters and the Fuerza Pública have constructed a child-size community inside the children’s museum.

The project is called Barrio Seguro or “secure barrio.” Of course it is, being inside the Museo de los Niños, the former national prison in north San José.

The Cuerpo de Bomberos, police and other officials inaugurated the project Thursday. It is described as an attractive educational space that offers valuable lessons on protection and prevention in emergencies.

For the kids, the place is where they can live out their dreams of being a fire fighter, a policeman or one of many other trades.

The exhibition was a year in the building, said the fire fighters. The first visitors Thursday were 30 students from the nearby Escuela Barrio México.

There are 12 areas that represent a community. These include a child-size restaurant, church, school, park,  a police station and a fire station. There also is a home in flames.

That is the focus for education about prevention.

Youngsters will find that the police station even contains a locker room, a miniature patrol car parked nearby and bikes.

Officials call the museum the Castillo de los Sueños or castle of dreams. The former prison watchtowers are not turrets, the building itself is spectacular, and there are many more exhibits for visitors beyond the secure barrio.

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