Credit card gets surcharge when getting exit stamp

A word of advice for people leaving Costa Rica by commercial air. I recently went to the Liberia airport and purchased an exit visa for a return flight back to the United States which is scheduled for next month.  The exit fee is now $29 if you pay with cash.  I elected to use a Visa card and noticed a small sign in the caja window, “Credit cards will have an additional fee.”  I just received my Visa bill, and to my amazement the bill included a $10 transaction fee.

Costa Rica is now getting creative in the way that they abuse the people leaving this country.  They first convert the Visa payment to colons, with an exchange rate that is not in our favor.  We then have to pay an additional currency exchange fee of $2.50 and now a transaction fee of $10.  The initial $29 tax cost me $13.83 extra for the convenience of paying with a credit card.  I have lived here in Costa Rica long enough to know that complaining about this kind of abuse does no good.  My advice to everyone leaving this country is to pay for your exit tax with CASH and save yourself an additional 40 percent+ “bend me over” tax.

Robert Lawson
Playa Grande
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