Design job for controversial northern highway rejected in paperwork review

The Contraloría General de la República has thrown out a contract for the design of Ruta 1856 from Los Chiles to Río Pococol.

The Contraloría, the national budget watchdog, did so because one of the unsuccessful bidders complained. The Contraloría rejected a complaint by  Consorcio DEHC-ITP but agreed with IMNSA Ingenieros Consultores S.A. that additional documentation was needed from the successful bidder,  Compañía Asesora de Construcción e Ingeniería S.A.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad quickly said it would schedule another bid opening in two weeks.

The Contraloría reviews most public contracts.  The job in question is for $760,000.

Ruta 1856 is the troubled stretch along the northern border of the country on the south bank of the Río San Juan. The original jobs there were deficient, in part because the contracts were awarded directly without competitive bidding.

There are criminal investigations taking place.

As a result of the scandal, the Consejo took over the job from private contractors and began the process of repair and rebuilding.

Design is critical for the various stages of the projects to avoid heavy runoff into the nearby river and to maintain the stability of the roadway. Nicaragua already has complained about sediment washing into the river.

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