Elimination of Paso Ancho traffic circle awarded to low bidder

This is the San Sebastán traffic overpass on the Circunvalación after which a new project will be modeled. Consejo Nacional de Vialidad photo

There’s good news for motorists. The nation’s road agency has accepted a 4.7 billion colon bid for a new overpass on the Circunvalación.

The new overpass will be at the Paso Ancho traffic circle, which is a major source of delays. The traffic circle also is called the rotunda de la Guacamaya because it is dominated by buildings of the auto parts company to the south.

The road agency, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, said the new project would look very much like the overpass at the former San Sebastián traffic circle.

The estimated $9.5 million project was awarded to the low bidder, Constructora MECO S.A., a frequent winner of road and bridge jobs.

But the deal is not final yet. Four unsuccessful bidders on the job have 10 days to register an appeal. If there is an appeal, the road agency will have to study it.  That may take several months.

Otherwise, MECO has six months to create a design and 14 months to build the project. When done, the new overpass will mean that there is one less traffic circle on the four-lane highway. One will remain at Zapote.

At the same time the road agency is preparing to oversee the construction of the northern route of the Circunvalacion, which now ends at La Uruca. The northern route will connect La Uruca with the major highway to the north and eventually the Caribbean coast.

The Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo has confirmed a loan for the cost of construction.

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