Facebook approach generated a prompt reply in English

Garland Baker deserves the Expat Medal of the Year Award for his article suggesting that expats frustrated with Costa Rica’s bureaucracy simply message the recalcitrant bureaucracy through Facebook.

I tried it with CCSS, and to my astonishment not only received a prompt reply but even a reply in English, despite my original message having been in (lousy) Spanish.

This is amazing. It would have taken me much more time to go downtown, take a number, and wait than it did to message through Facebook–and given my experiences with the live Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social bureaucracy, my Facebook contact was much more productive. I am now a tired veteran of four live visits to the CCSS on the same matter with no results, while my Facebook contact is on top of it.

If we must fault Mr. Baker, it is only for letting the cat out of the bag. Now that we masses know how to make contact with a Costa Rican bureaucracy, you can bet that this method will become as clogged and unresponsive as all the others. But for the moment Facebook is definitely the way to go.

And oh, to your quip about the employees wasting time on Facebook rather than doing their jobs, I have to point out that they are on the agency’s Facebook page, not their personal pages. Maybe they have other windows open to their personal pages too, but who cares? As long as they attend to customers, I’m good.

Ken Morris
San Pedro

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