Free Internet access means understanding the planet

What a mean-spirited soul we have here. Fact is, there is a global drive on through the Gates Foundation to ensure that all world persons have access to the Net whether it be through library systems, schools or other delivery systems. A 21st Century version of the Carnegie library system.

The Internet is, above all, about access to knowledge . Is knowledge only access able to those who can pay? Who exactly is “poor,” the bright children in Alabama who will never understand world events or learn how to read on line? People who live in remote societies who are prevented from understanding democratic societies.

We need free access to the Net for all the citizens of the world to understand this incredible planet – it’s problems, it’s hopes, it’s future. We are all in this together. And we have a perfect global forum for us all to share our ideas.

“Poor” in spirit and compassion for the sake of a few dollars is also “poor” in my book.
M. Rose

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