Internet being considered for status as a human right

Lawmakers are considering making the Internet a human right.

Not clear is exactly what this means. Residents probably will have to continue to pay Tigo (A/K/A Amnet) RACSA or ICE for their Internet service.

The idea came up Wednesday at a meeting of the  Comisión Derechos Humanos.  Alejandro Cruz Molina, the minister of Ciencia y Tecnología, attended with several ministry experts.

There already is a bill in the legislative hopper to do this. It is No. 18.159. But those present did not like the text because it was too short, they said.

The bill would create an addition to the Costa Rican Constitution. The idea of making the Internet a human right appears to have come from international organizations to which Costa Rica belongs.

All agreed that the Internet is important and vital for communications, including in the developing world.

To some extent using the Internet and the exercise of free speech already is a human right, but those who attended the meeting said they would return with an expanded bill.

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