Intersection switch in Sabana said to benefit most motorists

Traffic still is slow going for eastbound motorists at the La Sabana intersection at La Universal, but traffic engineers say that for most blocking some turns here eliminated a bottle neck. Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes photo

Traffic engineers are taking credit for eliminating a major bottleneck at the Gimnasio Nacional-La Universal intersection in La Sabana.

Last March 23 the traffic engineers cut off north and southbound traffic on what is called Calle 42. This is the road that passes in front of the Gimnasio and the McDonald’s food outlet at the intersection.

The change benefited 91 percent of the motorists, the engineers said Tuesday.

Many of the motorists passing in front of the Gimnasio either want to go on Ruta 27, the Caldera highway that passes along the south side of Parque la Sabana or onto what is called the old road to Escazú that heads west.

In the past there was always a jam at peak hours as motorists tried to cross the eastbound lane of Ruta 27 and the eastbound lane of the Escazú road to head into the residential section of Sabana Sur.
Now motorists heading to Sabana Sur south of the Escazú road have to travel west to a traffic light before turning left.

Conversely, those headed east from Escazú or Sabana Sur have to make their way to Avenida 10 through some back streets.

The change also eliminates the need for eastbound motorists to cross the unsigned tracks of the valley train at the intersection.

The traffic engineers of the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad estimated that some 700 motorists a day are inconvenienced by the change.

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