Investigators detain 25 in case of driving test impersonators

There is another scandal involving the nation’s driver’s license testing. Judicial agents said Tuesday that they had detained 25 persons on allegations that a substitute was used to take the written test.

Agents said they conducted arrests in Desamparados, San José, Cartago, Santa Cruz, Liberia, and Upala, among others.

The main allegation is that four persons were taking the written test under the names of other persons. For their efforts they received 80,000 to 90,000 colons or about $160 to $180, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The arrests involved the test takers and the individuals who paid them to take the test.

Agents said that workers at the educational section of the transport ministry noticed a year ago that one individual had taken the written test 13 times.

Agents said that the test takers used the idenity documents of those who paid them to get into the testing room.

Investigators have been busy at the driving license facilities. Individuals have been detained in cases where licenses were  issued without the road test. There also was a case of faked documents for passenger transport.

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