Judicial agents trying to bust up ring that seeks victims at licensing offices

There has been another series of license scams. The Judicial Investigating Organization said there were at least 80 complaints of would-be motorists who were ripped off when they tried to get a driver’s license.

Judicial agents showed up at the Paso Ancho and La Uruca offices where licenses and tests are given Wednesday and took names of individuals waiting there to assist those seeking to do business with the government.

Agents said later they think that there is a group of up to 18 persons that has been preying on license applicants.

The crooks would intercept an individual leaving the licensing facility and the testing facility. They seek out those who have failed to pass the driving test or failed to obtain a license.

The crooks promise to provide what the victim could not get for sums of up to 350,000 colons, about $700.

Sometimes the supposed victim balks. Then the crooks might take the individual’s cell telephone and money at gunpoint, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Or they trick the victim by saying they need to take a photo with the victim’s cell telephone for the approval process, agents said.

Paso Ancho and La Uruca are the two principal offices operated by the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes for licensing and testing.

The effort by agents Wednesday is one of a long line of actions in an effort to eliminate fraud against motorists and those seeking to be one.

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