Judicial police bust up marijuana operation in Atenas

Judicial Investigating Organization photo
Atenas man has a date with prosecutors.

Judicial agents Wednesday morning raided the Atenas home of a 56-year-old U.S. citizen who now faces a charge of cultivating marijuana.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the man had a climate-controlled room in his home where they found 35 marijuana plants. They said there also were plants on the patio.

The man was not identified formally. He lives in an up-scale home complete with swimming pool.

Agents from the Atenas office of the judicial police wasted no time. They said they have been investigating the case just this month. Usually months and even years go by before agents develop enough evidence for a raid.

Agents attributed their knowledge of the case to a confidential telephone call. That means someone either spotted the plants in the man’s patio or home or that a marketing competitor turned him in.

Agents also said they found 600 grams of marijuana seeds.

Investigators said that the room inside the home had its own power supply, ventilators and grow lights.

The home is in Santa Eulalia de Atenas, agents said. Marijuana possession is hardly a crime now if there is no intent to sell. But they act if a cultivation operation appears to be for commercial use.

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