Local police chief and aides face allegations of abuse

Judicial Investigating Organization photo Anti-drug dog at work.

Judicial agents detained the head of the Fuerza Pública in Moravia and two of his assistants Wednesday on allegations that they abused their authority.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the case stems from a complaint in April and one in May. Individuals said they were stopped by police and taken to the headquarters of delegación for questioning and a search. Judicial agents said it appeared that the individuals brought to the station were shaken down for small quantities of marijuana and other drugs and that reports of these confiscations never were made. Some evidence may have been planted.

Agents were at the police station Wednesday morning with a drug sniffing dog. They confiscated a number of crack pipes, knives, a homemade firearm and marijuana.

Agents also said that the three men are suspected of setting up checkpoints for the purpose of getting names of drivers and later threatening them with drug arrests.

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