Low-tax stores in Golfito Deposito receive a 10-year extension

The Deposito Libre de Golfito received a 10-year extension Wednesday at the Asamblea Legislative.

The Deposito is the 1985 creation of the legislature to improve economic conditions in the southern zone after the departure of banana companies.

The Deposito is under the jurisdiction of the Junta de Desarrollo Regional de la Zona Sur in the Provincia de Puntarenas.Those who use the services of the 30 or so stores there have to remain in Golfito overnight. Each receives a ticket allowed the purchase of $1,000 in goods taxed at a low rate. Favored purchases are appliances and vehicle tires. There is a steady traffic of trucks from Golfito to the Central Valley with the purchases of those who may have arrived on organized tours.
There also is a steady market in buyers’ tickets.

The measure extending the life of the Deposito was supervised in the legislature by Jorge Alberto Angulo Mora, of the Partido LIberación Nacional.

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