Man killed in Puerto Viejo, and disabled suspect detained

Fuerza Pública officers detained a man in a wheelchair Wednesday night after another man was shot dead in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the Caribbean coast.

The Judicial Investigating Organization identified the dead man as  Ángel Renato Leiva Martínez, 38. However, the name of Martínez was questioned by some who knew him.

Detained was a 41-year-old man with the last names of Lewis Fisher, agents said.

The shooting took place outside a restaurant identified by the name of Cashu. The Cruz Roja said the victim suffered multiple bullet wounds to the chest.

Fuerza Pública officer said the victim was a native Costa Rican and lived on the Reserva Kekoldi.  Lewis has been in trouble with the law before, agents said, although they added that the weapon used in the shooting had not been located.

The Federación Ecologista  quickly issued a statement to say that although the organization regretted the death, the victim was not known as an environmentalist. The organization was responding to early news reports.

Mauricio Álvarez, the organization’s president, said that environmentalists still were at risk all over the country. He mentioned the murder in Moín May 31 of environmental activist  Jairo Mora. Some environmentalists continue to protect turtle nests without any police support, he said.

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