Mid-year vacation is beginning on a soggy note

The much-awaiting mid-year vacation is starting under skies weather expert call unstable.

The little summer of San Juan appears to be over after a handful of sunny days.

The forecast for today is for daytime rains in the Caribbean and then in the northern zone with clouds transiting to the Central Valley, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional. Afternoon rains will be mainly in the Pacific, and much of the weekend will be cloudy and rainy, said the weather institute.

There were thunderstorms in the south Pacific early today.

The rain was not as heavy Thursday as it was Wednesday in the Caribbean and the northern zone. Up until 7 a.m. Thursday about 51 millimeters (a bit more than two inches) of rain had fallen in some areas of the central Caribbean.

There is an area of disorganized and disturbed weather in the Pacific to the north of Costa Rica. Although the system is off the coast of southern
México, satellite photos clearly show that the instability generated by this system extends into Costa Rica. The system may become a tropical story, said the U.S. National Hurricane Center, but it is moving northwest away from Central America.

There are several tropical waves moving through the Caribbean, but both appear to be at a higher latitude than Costa Rica.

They will bring rain to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, said the Weather Underground, A.M. Costa Rica’s weather service.

The weather will not stop the exodus from the Central Valley which appears to have begun Thursday. The bulk of the destinations are on the Pacific and Caribbean coast.

The Policía de Tránsito has gone into action already to keep an eye on the vacation travel. Officers are using radar of several types to catch speeders.

The Fuerza Pública reported Thursday that its officers are beginning their vacation watch today. The public school vacation lasts until Sunday, July 14. The Fuerza Pública said that 2,500 police officers will not be on vacation. They are focusing on specific areas such as tourist locations and dwellings in likely burglary spots.

The Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas will be patrolling the coasts, as will the Cruz Roja.

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