Off-topic jab questioned regarding our editorial

Toward the end of an otherwise focused “Opinion” (A.M. Costa Rica, June 10), the author added an off-topic jab at the Obama Administration stating that millions of dollars were being spent bringing terrorists to the United States.  Having read nothing about such a program, I questioned the newspaper as to their meaning and received a response ending with the suggestion that I “…write a letter saying that the U.S. is not bankrolling visas for Muslims and such.”

While I could find no information in even the most reactionary web sites attesting to the newspaper’s claim, I did discover in that DHS has a list of approximately 1,000 assumed terrorists within the U.S. who have overstayed their visas or otherwise obtained entry.  But the article continued to say that less than half had entered the country since Mr. Obama became President.  I found no reference to “millions of dollars” being spent.

While I find AM Costa Rica’s assertion that all Muslims are terrorists, that being the unusual assumption of the Republican UberRight of West, Bachmann, Walsh and Buchanan both false and offensive given the fact that the overwhelming number are not, I equally question A.M. Costa Rica’s indifference to those who have helped us in foreign wars equally appalling.

Since the time of the Cuban Revolution and through the Bay of Pigs, Nam, and Gulf One, both the Left and Right have joined in the belief that those who put their lives in danger assisting our cause deserved protection, most often political asylum in the United States.  Most recently, the Administration has been under fire for not providing more protection for Dr. Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani who assisted us in locating bin Lauden.  And the criticism, justifiably in this case, was most rabid from the Right.

Thus I challenge A.M. Costa Rica to back up their claim that the Obama Administration is spending millions bringing terrorists to the United States noting that I will not challenge them on their assertion that all Muslims are terrorists.  That is just too blatantly false as to deserve anything but derision.

Kent Carthey
Playa del Coco
and San Francisco, California
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