Parts of destroyed guns put in art work as a message

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública photo
Mario Zamora, the minister, stands with the artist.

Costa Rican artist Juan Carlos Chavarría Chorres has created a work that uses more than 26 pounds (11.9 kilos) of gun parts. The work is called Hora Zero: Esperanza, translated a “Zero hour: Hope.”

The 50-kilo work has been displayed in México and Perú.

The security ministry has a program to destroy firearms and the art work was on display there Monday.

“A firearm is a latent danger in each home, in each family,” said Mario Zamora Codero, the minister. He was quoted in a ministry press release relating to the art work. He spoke of the death of children due to the misuse of guns and said it was necessary to exchange firearms for books or games.

From 2001, the ministry said that 22,535 firearms have been destroyed. Most are chopped up with electric saws, and it is some of these that the artist included in his work.

The art work will be displayed in the country’s museums and cultural centers, the ministry said.

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