Picnic planned to raise funds for struggling lifeguard corps

When they are not saving lives in the water, the lifeguards in Dominical are worrying about from where their next paycheck will come.

For years, Dominical Lifeguards S.A. has been an example of the kind of crew that should be on every public beach in the country. Like other emergency organizations, the lifeguards are usually out of sight and out of mind until they are needed.

The organization runs mostly on donations and special events.  One such event is the noon fund-raising picnic that will be held June 30 this year. The organization is seeking items for donations that can be raffled off that day. The picnic will be at and around the Roca Verde Hotel.

“Please support not just with attendance and donations this year but with ideas & volunteerism,” said an announcement.  “The past years have been a weekly struggle to keep ahead of payroll and we were not able to make it happen.  The lifeguards have a proven record of saving lives and creating a safe area for our families and visitors to play.   They don’t just save people from drowning but help with heat stroke, stingray stings, heart attacks, etc.”

Dominical is not a particularly dangerous beach but it can generate rip tides that can drag even an experienced swimmer out into the ocean. The lifeguards have an association with similar groups in Jacó, for training. But that does not pay the bills, the organization noted, saying “We have been promised government support but still have not seen a dime.”

The idea of sponsorships also is being considered. Already local merchants make significant contributions.  The lifeguard corps has its origins in the death of a U.S. visitor 11 years ago. Information on donations or contributions to the raffle can be discussed by email HERE!

Dominical is on the central Pacific coast about 35 kms. (about 21 miles) south of Manuel Antonio and 33 kms. (about 20 miles) west of San Isidro. It is a surfer mecca.

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