President promotes a new way to measure development

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto photo
Enrique Castillo, the foreign minister, was among those speaking at the opening session of the conference.

President Laura Chinchilla urged new methods to measure national development over and above per capita income when she spoke to foreign visitors Wednesday.

The president delivered her remarks at the gathering of representatives of what are being called middle-income countries. She said that the meeting should be capable of discussing new paradigms of development and new forms to measure the progress of nations.

This has been a recurring theme for the president and other Costa Rican officials as they seek to include methods to measure well being and human happiness to define what they say is an integrated and balanced development.

Ms. Chinchilla outlined the achievements of Costa Rica, such as the abolition of the army, significant expenditures on education and the national health system.

The president also said the visitors should raise their voices against developed nations that use polluting sources of energy as a way to put the economic crisis behind them. She also was critical of monetary speculation.

She urged the visitors to discuss topics such as a fair and just free trade, climate change and democracy.

The session that ends Friday is an initiative of Costa Rican and the United Nations industrial development arm.

The conference is in the Hotel Cariari DoubleTree.

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