Proposed U.S. immigration bill makes it too easy for illegals

When my husband came to the U.S. from Italy over 50 years ago, he had to have a sponsor and his mother was born in the U.S. His father died at an early age of his children’s life, so it was no easy task for a mother of seven!! There was no welfare or public assistance in their lives. It was hard work for all who lived in a garage for a home!!

The U.S. makes it too easy, I don’t see any rights given to expats here in Costa Rica. If anything they keep making things harder and could care less so why should it be easier for illegals in the US?? Americans pay taxes their whole lives for everyone else to live off of then have to worry about SSI and Medicare cuts. Who protects the us?? It’s a shame. It can never be what it was!! Truly saddened.

Alice Trigg
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