Registro gives new license plate details . . . maybe

Expats who have been anxious about getting new license plates got their answer Thursday. The Registro Nacional said that the distribution of the plates would begin next month and be based on the last digit of the existing plate.

The new plates are supposed to be more secure. They begin with letters instead of the current numbers.

The Registro Nacional has been hot and cold on the project. Just a month ago it said it was rethinking the entire idea. A year ago Correos de Costa Rica announced that it could deliver the new plates.  All that was lacking was a deadline.

The deadline appears to be far in the distance depending on the last digit of the license plate.  Those motorists with plates ending in the number 1 have until October to exchange their plates. Those with other numbers will have subsequent three-month periods to do so thereafter.

The new plates are 15,000 colons for passenger vehicles, and can be obtained at Registro offices the same day or with a five-day wait at the post office. Included with the plates will be a sticker showing the number that will be affixed to the vehicle windshield.

Eventually the Registro will put detailed instructions on its Web site and perhaps additional information on how to obtain the plates.

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