Some computer addresses blocked by anti-span sites

Some Costa Rican Internet provider pathways have been showing up on block lists.

The pathways, identified as IP numbers, are the way computers identify themselves and talk to other computers and how email is routed.

Two Costa Rican IP numbers within the last two days have been identified by anti-spam sites as sources of unwanted or malicious material. Consequently, most Internet servers block these IP numbers automatically.

That means the individual who signs on to a computer and is automatically assigned a blocked IP number by a service provider here cannot see some Web pages or send email.

The IP addresses that were identified as blocked are operated by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. Some computers have permanent IP addresses but others are assigned them dynamically by the provider.

Servers also will block IP addresses when there is a series of unsuccessful signons. The server interprets this as a cyberattack.

Internet users can find out their IP number by entering this site:

They they can check if it is blocked at the spam fighting

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