Someone forgot to keep an eye on the backhoe in Moravia

Judicial Investigating Organization photo This is a bit too big to shoplift.

The award for the most brazen thief this month goes to the person who drove off a backhoe from a Moravia shopping center.

Backhoes are not exactly speedy devices. Somehow a thief got into the cab of the earthmoving device June 1 and drove it away. The details still are uncertain and may never be known. Judicial agents got the backhoe now but not the thief.

Agents said that they were alerted by a confidential call where they could find the machine. They found it in Gautuso doing what backhoes are supposed to do: moving earth. Highly unlikely is the idea that the backhoe propelled itself to the Alajuela community.

Of course no one on the property had any idea how the backhoe got there. The owner said that he has contracted out the job of earth moving. But no one from the contracting firm happened to be around Thursday evening when agents showed up, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

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