Special devices help disabled enjoy surf

A local company says that a disability should be no reason to avoid the surf or a swimming pool.

The company is Accesibilidad Total S.A., and it makes devices that allow persons with limited or no mobility to enjoy the water.

Among the products is an amphibious walker with four fat tires that can be used at the beach. The device allows someone with balance and mobility problems to walk right into the surf.

The firm also markets a number of other devices, such as elevators and lifts, that can help disabled persons. The firm said with mid-year vacations just a week away hotel and resort operators ought to be aware that about 5 percent of the population has some form of disability.

Costa Rican law 7600 stipulates access for disabled persons, but much of the emphasis during the 18 years of the law’s existence has been on public buildings, sidewalks and places of public accommodation. The San José firm says this particular line of products can provide the access at the beach hotel or resort.

These include amphibious chairs and platforms that allow even persons with no movement to enjoy the ocean safely if they get some assistance from family or friends, the firm said.

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