Students visiting to assist museum with online jobs

The Museo de Guanacaste in Liberia is getting some online help from students visiting under the auspices of Wiles University in Pennsylvania.

R.A.W. Tours is coordinating the visit here. The firm said that the students will focus on assisting in the creation of content and a proper listing for the museum on Wikipedia, submitting to get the museum listed as a Google point of interest, creation and translation of an informative brochure, translation of the museum’s Facebook page to help in broadening the reach for non-native speakers, creation of a static flyer template which will be utilized by museum officials to announce and market current events and exhibits as they change throughout the year.

“Our hope is this is the first of many groups of volunteers that we can bring to engage with the museum and help with the continued development of this historic landmark,” said Kattya Lomel, operations director for the tour company in a release. “This is the first project of the summer class for Wilkes University students and we are so thankful for their generous contribution of time and energy, along with their fresh perspective in approaching these needs.”

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