There is a new wrinkle that crooks are using to steal items from advertisers

There is a new scam in town, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.  Already about 50 persons have fallen for the con man’s pitch.

The targets are those who have portable items for sale on the Internet, like blenders or electric tools.

The crook will contact someone who has advertised an item for sale and offer to make the purchase. A meeting place will be arranged. When the seller shows up with the item, the crook will be watching. He will make a call saying that he has to go to the bank and that the seller should leave the item at a nearby store and meet him in the bank lobby.

The crook already will have visited the nearby store and told employees there that an individual will be dropping off an item for him.

Once the victim leaves the item and heads to the bank, the con man visits the store and leaves with the item.

Judicial agents make the obvious suggestions that persons selling items should not surrender them until there is cash in hand. They said that there should be an identification made in the initial telephone call with name, number of the cédula and phone number.

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