Today is the 69th anniversary of the bloody D-Day invasion

U.S. Army photo There was not much cover on this D-Day beach.

Just 69 years ago this morning Allied troops and Germans were dying by the hundreds on the French coast.

Today is the 69th anniversary of that enormous 1944 invasion that led to the defeat of Germany less than a year later.

Even a youth who lied about his age and managed to slip into the services at 15 would be pushing 85 today, so there are not many left who came up close and personal with German resistance that day.

Allied deaths on that one day are estimated somewhere between 2,500 and 5,000. And the worst was yet to come.

Not every soldier hit the beaches. Some parachuted in and others came in gliders.

Every soldier in that invasion that day lost a buddy. Yet, today the D-Day invasion is just a line in the history books like the Battle of Yorktown. Despite the losses, the United States, Britain and Canada did not take one piece of real estate except enough to bury the fallen. There are not many such events in history.

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