Vice minister making rounds to encourage enforcement

Transporte Terrestre y Seguridad Vial photo Buses are supposed to have rams for the disabled

Patrons may doubt it but there really is an agency in charge of inspecting buses. It is the Departamento de Inspección y Control.

Officials from this agency and a vice minister of transport have been on tour to encourage enforcement of bus rules and also some of the new laws that came into force with the passage of the recent traffic law.

For example, there are specifications for security seats for youngsters and an obligation for persons in motor vehicles to use seat belts.

The minister is Silvia Bolaños. She had visited Guápiles, Cariari and Siquirres and is expected to be in Limón today. The tour includes meeting with taxi drivers, bus operators and traffic police. The vice minister’s area of concern also includes traffic safety,

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