Virgen del Mar procession on the water will be televised to the world

The celebration of the Virgen del Mar in Puntarenas July 7 will be televised throughout the world, said  Telefides, the religious station that is initiating the broadcast.

This is special day. It is the 100th anniversary of the procession by boats through the local harbor. The Virgin is the local name of the Virgen del Carmen, and she is the patroness of fishermen.

Telefides, Channel 40, styles itself as being the positive station for Costa Rica. The programming is mostly religious.

The celebration of the Virgin will go at least to the United States and Spain. Channel 13 and 7 are expected to carry the signal in the Central Valley.

EWTN, the Catholic network, also is expected to pickup the signal, Telefides said. The station said it expected an audience of 400 million. The station has an anniversary, too. It is marking its 20th year.

The event in Puntarenas began as a result of what the faithful said at the time was a miracle.

A boat, the Galileo, was believed lost at sea. The populace prayed for the crew, and the fishermen showed up having been rescued by another vessel. The day begins with a Mass in the Catedral de Puntarenas followed by the procession of boats with one carrying a statue of the Virgen.

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