16 firms said to have measured footprint

The company that can measure the carbon output of businesses and industries says it is already doing so.

The firm is the Instituto de Normas Técnicas de Costa Rica, The company reported Monday that 16 companies already have had their carbon footprint measured.

The goal is what is known as carbon neutrality, something that politicians have promised for the country by 2021. Seven of the firms that were measured have reached this goal, the institute known as INTECO, said.

Manuel González, coordinator of the verification unit, said that the firm has a number of ways of measurement and can do so for every type of industry or business. Typically a firm can reduce its carbon output by 4,000 tons annually, he said.

The current system is voluntary. But Costa Rica is in the process of creating a carbon exchange system whereby firms that cannot be carbon neutral can purchase carbon credits to offset the deficit. To make that mandatory would require legislation or a presidential decree.

Costa Rica received an international loan to do this.

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