High seas and fast waves predicted for Pacific

The highest seas of the year in the Pacific are combining with a faster than normal wave arrivals to inflict some damage on the coastline and also cause flooding of low areas, said the Universidad de Costa Rica.

The Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología said the periodicity of the waves would be shorter, that is the distance from crest to crest. In addition, the influence of the moon, which is at one of its closest approaches to earth, is causing the high seas.

Flooding is predicted for  Barrio el Carmen and Cocal de Puntarenas and El Cocal de Quepos. Some shore damage is possible in Caldera, Palo Seco, Plaza Azul-Tárcoles and Pavones-Golfito, said the Centro.

The conditions are considered dangerous for small boats and bathers, the Centro said. These conditions will endure through Sunday, it said in a bulletin.

In the Caribbean the water is expected to be swept by high winds due to a low pressure system.  The Centro said that this is a dangerous condition, too, mainly for boats under seven meters and bathers.

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