Investigators crack down on sale of fake Cuban cigars

Cuba cigars are in demand by U.S. expats probably because they are forbidden goods in the States.

Only the newest of visitors would not realize that many of the so-called Cuba cigars are fakes.

Many are counterfeited right here in Costa Rica.

The fakes range from what appear to be round , brown tubes filled with sawdust to some really fine cigars. Regardless of quality, the law forbids impersonating cigars.

Spurred on by firms that sell the real habanoshere, the Judicial Investigating Organization made 15 raids Tuesday afternoon.

There were nine in San José, three in Jacó, two in Escazú and one in Herradura. Agents said later that  misbranded cigars will be confiscated.

Cuba keeps close controls via a state company on the sale of the real Cuban cigars. Vendors here who sell the real product are licensed.

Just like any quality product, there is economic benefit in counterfeiting.

Of course those guys walking around the downtown holding boxes of cigars are, for the most part, selling somethng else.

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