July 4 picnic weather said to be less rainy than normal

Today is U.S. Independence day, and the big picnic for expats is west of town in the Cervercería Costa Rica grounds.  

Members of the American Colony Committee have been knocking themselves out for years to put on a picnic that is directed mainly at the youngsters of expat families here. The idea is to introduce U.S. youngsters who may have lived in Costa Rica much of their life to a typical U.S. July 4.

The weather forecast is good, even though the picnic wraps up in the early afternoon. The experts at the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the Central Valley and Guanacaste are likely to experience another one of the periods of reduced rain from today through Monday.

This happens a couple of times a year when the winds pick up and drive away the moisture. These periods are called veranillos or little summers.

The picnic today is not the only one. U.S. residents of Grecia said they would hold a picnic Sunday. It will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Quinta Real in San Isidro de Grecia. The event is a fund raiser for charities.

“We have great plans for the day, and are working hard to benefit three separate charity organizations,” said Margaret Macik, one of the organizers.

The Fiesta Committee of Grecia includes both U.S. citizens and Costa Ricans, she said.  Everyone is invited regardless of nationality.

That is in contrast to the American Colony picnic where each U.S. citizen can bring one Costa Rican friend. For years the picnic was restricted to U.S. citizens and family because admission was free, so this is a recent change as is an admission charge.

Some of the expat watering holes in downtown San José and on the Pacific coast also plan July 4 celebrations.

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