Little paca gets a great role in the national sports games

The country’s favorite rodent has been selected to be the official mascot of the  Juegos Deportivos Nacionales this year.  The sports events are being held in the southern zone, which is a break with tradition.

The mascot is the paca (Cuniculus paca) or, as they are called in Spanish, tepezcuintles, They are a gentle, fruit and nut munching forest animal, But the mascot looks a bit more active. He is called Terpez. The games will be in San Vito, Ciudad Neily and Golfito this year.

The mascot was unveiled Monday at the legislature by  Jorge Angulo Mora, who represents that area. The designer was identified as  Pablo Castillo.

Next year the games, which involve many high schoolers, will be in San Carlos,  Los Chiles, Upala, Guatuso y Zarcero.

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