Look the part and feel the part for the Anexión holiday

Today’s holiday that honors the still-rural province of Guanacaste is a lot like Halloween or perhaps rodeo week in Calgary. Everyone wants to dress the part.

Of course school children take to the campesinocostumes eagerly. But even in the supermarkets, stores and the legislative chambers there are people dressed the part — not that all know one end of a cow from the other.

Sometimes Grandma makes the costume for the grand daughter. But there are suitable dresses on sale at specialty stores and, of course, at the Mercado Central in San José

Dancers do not get off that easy. Their costumes have to be put together well because of the activity. Some say they spend weeks and lots of money to prepare for a performance.

Guys have it easier. Jeans and a white shirt are the rule. Throw in a red handkerchief and a campesino hat and the look is perfect,  although sometimes a paint-on beard and mustache add a final touch.

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