Municipal council reaffirms that president is welcome in Nicoya July 25

July 25 is one time of the year when Nicoya and Guanacaste residents can be sure to have their say. This also is the day when the central government lavishes gifts in the form of road machinery and promises on them.

The president and cabinet traditionally hold a Consejo de Gobierno in Nicoya’s Parque Recadero Briceño. The event this year is the  189th anniversary of the Anexión del Partido de Nicoya. That commemorates the decision by residents to affiliate with Costa Rica instead of Nicaragua.

This year may be more interesting than most. Already the fur is flying. The local Nicoya council adamantly contradicted a politician’s claim Wednesday that President Laura Chinchilla would not be welcome.

The Municipalidad de Nicoya fired off an afternoon press bulletin expressing  unhappiness with an interview aired on Channel 7 featuring José María Villalta, the sole legislative member of Frente Amplio.

Marco Jiménez, the mayor of the municipality, was quoted saying that July 1 the government there actually sent an invitation to Ms. Chinchilla. Included in the invitation were government ministers and other high officials, the bulletin said.

The Nicoya Consejo Municipal held a formal meeting Wednesday afternoon to reaffirm the desire for the president to come and to ask Villalta to correct his comments, the bulletin said.

Nicoya is having a week-long fiesta this year starting Sunday. It is being called the Festival Cultural de la Anexión Nicoya 2013.  The kickoff is a 10K foot race Sunday starting at 8 a.m.

Frente Amplio also has been identified by Casa Presidencial as being the organizer of a protest march July 25 apparently to embarrass the president.

Ms. Chinchilla was upset when protesters showed up at a ceremony for Juan Santamaría day April 11 in Alajuela.

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