New bridge linked to festival promoting those jocotes

The national emergency commission is linking the opening of a new bridge in Aserrí to the  Feria Nacional de Jocote The agency said it has replaced the span that was taken out by water generated by Tropical Storm Tómas in 2010.

Benefitting are the communities of La Uruca de Aserrí, Santa Marta, Barrio Los Ángeles and la Legua de los Naranjos, said the agency.

La Uruca is the location for the annual jocote festival. The event continues next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Jocotes are those little green fruits that can be eaten raw or included in a number of dishes. As part of the festival, locals will provide guided tours of the fincas in whichh the jocote are grown.

The event has the support of the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.

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