New collection of Costa Rican horror and terror tales due out

A book full of 18 scary Costa Rican stories will be presented Wednesday in the library of the  Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano in Los Yoses.

The event is sponsored by Club de Libros, an organization that promotes reading. The book “Penumbras,” goes on sale the same day.

An interesting aspect is that the 18 authors have outlined how they came up with the idea for their story. For Bernardo Ortega Sosa, who wrote  “Upe!,” the task was easy. He said he remembered a strange happening when he was about 10 or 12.

The house door came open when the family was eating dinner and a strange hand came through the opening.

Other authors outline the sights and sounds that allowed them to create a scary story. They did so in a news release from the Club de LIbros. Some are likely to describe their creative process Wednesday.

The authors seem to cover most regions of the country with their tales. There is one from Puntarenas and one from Atenas, according to the author summaries.

Costa Rica has such unique Colonial ghosts and goblins that new additions to the genre are infrequent. After all, there is La Llorona, La Segua, La Carreta sin Bueyes and a dozen others that have terrified children for centuries. Some of the stories in the new book might be competition.

The event is at 7 p.m., and the club asks for reservations at this site.

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