Police kill motorist who ran down their fellow officer in Limón

Fuerza Pública officers gunned down a motorist who tried to escape from a checkpoint in Limón Monday.

The motorist ran down a police officer who suffered serious injuries.

Dead was a man identified as Kendry Alexander Lewis Hommard. The injured police officer has the last names of  Bejarano Herrera. 

He was knocked to the pavement and suffered at least one compound fracture.

Police officials said that the incident began when a vehicle approached the checkpoint. The two occupants appeared to be getting rid of a bag believed to contain marijuana.

The driver got out of the vehicle. He was identified by the last names of  Arana Fernández. But the passenger took the wheel and tried to flee, said police. Other officers fired on the vehicle, said police.  The injured police officer remains hospitalized.

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