President sets up social networks to get opinions of public on Caja

President Laura Chinchilla is taking credit for saving the national health services from collapse.

She said that her administration was instrumental in keeping the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social running when it had a 130 billion colons deficit.  That’s about $260 million.

One action the president took was to pay off the debt that had accumulated because the central government was not paying the monthly quotas for employees. Not well known is that the central government did so by issuing bonds to the Caja instead of cash.

The Caja itself took action, including stepping up collection efforts. Icons, such as first division soccer teams faced closure unless their owners paid up.

Tuesday the president announced that July, August and October will be time for what she calls a national dialogue on the Caja. Casa Presidencial is seeking the opinions of everyone from health workers to patient on the future of the Caja.

The central government has set up a Facebook page, a Web site and a special telephone number for citizens to express their views. The results will be compiled by December, said Casa Presidencial.

The campaign is heavy in public relations because the problems associated with the Caja have been in the headlines for years. There is absenteeism, physicians who arrive late for appointments, long lines and many other woes,

Still the central government can be reached here:

Also on the special Web page:

And at this phone number: 800-dialogo ( 800-34-25-646).

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