Rental eviction bill gets first OK

Lawmakers acted Tuesday to put an end to what they called the long and tortuous process of evicting a tenant who does not pay the rent.

The legislature passed on first reading a measure that would allow a landlord to take action if a renter missed payments for two months. The subsequent legal process would be oral and rapid, according to the summary of the law,

The Partido Liberación Nacional  said that the bill had been a priority with the party. The quick action also covers a renter who overstays the term of an expired lease.

The owner will not be frustrated in his right to receive a just rent, said the party in a release.

The proposed law is  No. 17.527. A second and final vote is likely next week.

The inability to evict a tenant who has not paid or has stayed longer than the lease allows has been a major problem for landlords. The courts have not moved quickly to address this issue, and there is no guarantee under the proposed law that judges will act quickly, even though they are supposed to do so.

And there are a number of ways renters can stymie efforts to remove them. The proposed law also covers situations in which the rental is made for promises of services in lieu of money.

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