Robberies escalate into murders in Sixaola, Heredia, Jacó

Robbers killed the driver of a Limón-Sixaola bus Friday night

In Jacó investigators are trying to find the robbers who stabbed the administrator of a commercial center to death when he stumbled upon their crime.

In Guararí, Heredia, agents are seeking more young men who were involved in the murder of  a man waiting at a bus stop. A companion suffered injuries in the robbery.

The murder of the bus driver is yet another crime to trouble the long-suffering residents of the Caribbean coast. The Judicial Investigating Organization said the time was about 9 p.m. Friday when two bus passengers put on masks and announced a stickup. The bus was near the end of its route at Sixaola.

The driver, identified by the last name of  Alvarez tried to stop the holdup and suffered the fatal wound as he struggled with one of the robbers. He was 64.

The bus left Limón Centro at 7 p.m., said agents. The few remaining passengers on the bus when the crime took place were uncertain when the robbers boarded, they said.

The time was a little past midnight Saturday when the Jacó  crime happened. The 49-year-old administrator of the commercial center was identified by agents with the last name of Vilalobos.

Agents said that four men overpowered the guard, tied him up and put him in a bathroom. The administrator appeared unexpectedly and was stabbed fatally.

The robbers broke into several establishments and took 100,000 colons, about $200, from a beauty shop. They also took 400,000 colons and $500 from a surf shop, said agents.

The Heredia crime happened about 5:30 a.m. when the two men were waiting at a bus stop. A group of youngsters showed up and began robbing the men.

The weapon in this case appears to have been homemade.

A man with the last name of  Gutiérrez suffered a fatal wound, and his companion, identified by the last name of  Espinoza, was shot in the chest. Police detained two suspects about an hour later in the public street.

Also Saturday judicial agents were called to Hospital San Juan de Dios where a man wounded in the head Wednesday died. The cause is believed to have been a family dispute in the home in Hatillo 6.

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