Two surveys of occupancies show dips from last year

The national tourism chamber reports that accommodations occupancy during the two-week mid-year vacation was 56.4 percent, according to a survey of 102 firms.

The hotel chamber reports that its survey shows about 66  percent occupancy.

The  Cámara Nacional de Turismo said that its figure showed a 12 percentage drop from the year before. It said that Guanacaste with 64.4 percent occupancy and beach hotels with 61.3 occupancy were highest. The chamber blamed the economy for the poor showing and said that fewer families can afford to take vacations.

The  Cámara Costarricense de Hoteles said that its figures were about what had been expected due to a survey taken before the holiday. It said that its survey showed that occupancy dropped 3 percentage points for the previous year.

Both chambers released the numbers Wednesday. The hotel chamber said that its survey showed that occupancy in Guanacaste was 68 percent. The survey reflected the occupancy of 50 hotels.

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