All medical tests for driving licenses will be digital on Sept. 6

Beginning Sept. 6, the medical report that individual need to obtain or renew a driver’s license will be a digital file.

The  Dirección General de Educación Vial said Thursday that there has been an agreement with the medical professional association that a physician’s report will be sent to the association digitally. When someone shows up to get a driver’s license,  Educación Vial will be able to access the file at the  Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos.

The physician’s organization has not been issuing the blank paper forms since March.

Under the traffic law that has been in force and updated over the last two years, a blood test is no longer required.

Physicians have said that they are not ready to accept what is on a driver’s license when someone comes to the emergency room after an accident.

Good practice dictates doing their own test, they have said.

Educación Vial said that using a digital method will save money and also avoid possible loss by license seekers.

Some physician have been using the digital system for nearly a year.

Those seeking licenses are not required to obtain the medical form on the same day. The report, known as the  dictamen médico, is valid for six months. Still most license seekers get the limited medical and eye test done on the same day because there are physicians specialized in this near the licensing bureaus.

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