Another U.S. warship runs afoul of the docking approval process

The legislature still has not approved a list of U.S. warships that was presented June 10, according  to the security minister.

That is why there is a problem in bring in the “USS Rentz” to Puntarenas to dock and discharge four suspected drug smugglers and cocaine evidence. The legislature must approve the docking of foreign warships.

The situation is a replay of a similar case that saw a U.S. warship with drugs and prisoners aboard remain outside of Costa Rican waters until lawmakers acted.

The “Rentz” just joined the anti-drug operation in the Pacific Aug. 7, so it is not clear if it is on the list at all. Still the security ministry is exploiting the situation to get the list approved by lawmakers. There is a faction in the legislature that does not want to see U.S. warships dock.

The prisoners are the crew of the  “Capitán Erson” that was captured over the weekend. Three of the four crew members are Costa Rican.

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