Article about female bias had many untrue statements

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

The A.M. Costa Rica staff person who editorialized about the award given an older woman police officer obviously has a problem with women and is not a good journalist because he made so many ridiculous and untrue statements it is hard to know where to begin to address them.

President Chinchilla has recognized male police officers on various occasions.  Because she recognizes an older female officer, the writer says she is biased toward women.

Talk about “the ease with which a woman can get a male thrown out of the house” is probably the most uniformed statement this writer makes.  All you have to do is look at the statistics for the last 20 years in Costa Rica to see how many women have been killed by their husbands who had an injunction against them to not approach the woman or her home.  Do your homework before making such absurd statements.  This is one of the scandals of Costa Rica: that women are NOT protected by the police from current or former husbands even when they have secured injunctions to protect themselves.

An organization that helps women get credit is very necessary because most women, especially if they haven’t any credit history, find it impossible to get credit.  The famous Grameen Bank and more recently organizations in Latin America have found that the best way to help a family is to help women get credit, since they have an excellent history of paying back the loan as well as using the profits they make to advance and help their family avoid poverty.

So there’s “disproportionate news coverage in the murder of women?”  Could it possibly be that it is usually women who are killed by their cowardly husbands, ex-boyfriends, rapists, thieves, purse-snatchers, etc.

Costa Rica has enough macho men without gringos adding to that number.  All you have to do is look at the treatment our first female president has received from so many of them.

Richard and Jean Redmond

EDITOR’S NOTE; For the record, Jay Brodell, the editor, wrote the article in question.

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