Celebration of Día de la Madre begins at noon in Alajuela

Mothers will be honored with a special dance performance at noon today in the  Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría in Alajuela.

The normal Teatro al Mediodía instead will be a celebration of the Día de la Madre.  The program is bolero with the dance academy Kinesis. There is a 1,000-colon admission.

The legal holiday is Thursday, but not everyone will be off. As is the custom during legal holidays, trash collectors in San José will be working. The  Municipalidad de San José said this is done to keep trash from accumulating in the streets. Such accumulations attract domestic animals and rats.

Many residential areas of San José have daily pickups.

The traffic police said that the license plate restrictions will not be enforced Thursday due to the holiday. But Friday those with license plates ending in 9 or 0 will face possible fines if they enter the greater metro area

Restaurants and some stores are gearing up for a big day. Shoppers were purchasing gift wrap and ribbons at various points in the downtown Tuesday night for the present they expect to give their mother.

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